Before Moving Your Piano: 3 Things You Need To Know

A piano adds beauty and elegance to your home, whether you use it often or not. However, it is also one of the heaviest antiques you can have in your home. Moving this instrument is an awkward and challenging task, and you need ample preparation and workforce. Because of the complex processes involved in moving, there are specialists in the market whose work is moving them. Here are four crucial things that you should understand before you try to take your instrument to a new place.

Preparing the Instrument Before Moving It

The preparation process typically involves finding suitable materials to wrap the instrument for its safety. Start by getting thick moving blankets and towels to wrap around it. You will also need rolls of tape to secure the blankets in place. It would be best to consider getting a correctly sized piano skid board to secure it in place before the move. You will need straps to hold it in place on a skid board. Safety is also crucial in the preparation, and you should invest in the proper safety gear to protect yourself from injuries.

Get the Dimensions Right

It is wise to get the dimensions of your interior spaces before you attempt to lift the instrument. Get the dimensions of the doorway, the corridor, and the staircase. Create a route you believe will cause the least damage when moving out of the home. It is simpler to measure the dimensions beforehand than lift the instrument and stop when it gets stuck. However, you can still get additional cushioning for the corners and secure the instrument from getting nicked along during the transfer.

Consider the Instrument Make

The most popular piano types are the grand and the upright model. The pedals are a crucial component of the upright model, and you have to protect them from damage. Your blankets and tape will come in handy for this process. You should consider lowering and securing the grand piano covering when moving it. It is wise to allow experts to move it as opposed to doing it. They have moving dollies and other equipment that simplifies the process and minimizes accidents. 

Handling your piano without help from the experts can be tricky. Instead of trying a process that could lead to injuries and damage to your antique, let professional piano movers handle it. They will safely take your instrument to its destination and eliminate the inconveniences involved in the moving process.

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