3 Mistakes People Make When Moving

Have you just started the process to start moving? If so, you should make sure you are completely prepared, just in case you make some mistakes along the way. Here are some things that people do that cause their move to not go as smoothly as possible.

Not Having Enough Time To Pack

One common mistake that many people make is thinking that they are going to have everything packed by the time their moving date comes and end up putting off packing until the last minute. This can cause you to be late getting out by the end of your lease, miss elevator access at a new building, or simply cause the movers to wait around while you continue to put things in boxes. You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to pack, with a goal to finish packing the day before the move. You would be surprised at how long it will actually take you to pack boxes and disassemble furniture. 

Not Buying The Right Moving Materials

The materials you use to help you pack up all your belongings are going to make the move easy or difficult. Buying actual moving boxes will help you out in several ways. Not only are you not wasting time finding odd-shaped boxes, but you are going to discover that standard moving boxes pack very nicely in the back of the moving truck. This will help them stay stacked on top of each other without collapsing under the weight of the box above it, and they will fit better to allow more room for other items.

In addition, you need to have things like plastic wrap and moving pads to help with bigger furniture items. Wrapping items in plastic will help prevent them from becoming scratched during the move, furniture pads protect against unexpected bumps when carrying items out of your home. Pay the extra money to have these on hand, since you may end up damaging some of the items unintentionally. 

Not Packing An Overnight Bag

It's important to pack a bag for your move as if you were staying at a hotel overnight. You don't know how tired you are going to be at the end of your moving day, and having a bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, and other critical items that you need will make the end of the day go much easier. If not, you'll likely be opening boxes trying to find the few things that you need to get to bed and wrap up your moving day.

For more tips, contact local movers for more information.

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