Tips For Loading Your Moving Truck

Are you thinking of taking on the challenge of moving on your own? If so, it will help to know the following tips for loading your moving truck.

Load Appliances Near The Cab

The first things you'll want to load onto your moving truck are the heavy appliances. These should be located near the front of the truck near where you are sitting in the cab. The reason for placing them in this spot is so that the weight of the truck is more balanced. You'll find that it is easier to control the moving truck without having the weight of these really heavy items near the rear entrance of the truck.

Place Mattress Vertically Against The Side

You'll want to take all the mattresses and box springs and place them in mattress bags so that they do not get dirty during the move. You can then place then vertically against one side of the moving truck so that they take up as little room as possible.

Secure Drawers

You likely have dressers and nightstands that have drawers in them. You'll need to secure these drawers in one of two ways. The ideal way to do it is to wrap the item in plastic wrap so that the drawer cannot pull outward while you are moving it around. If you do not have plastic wrap, consider taking the drawers out while you are carrying it to the moving truck to make it lighter. Then place the drawers back in the piece of furniture and place it so that they are facing your mattress. This will prevent the drawers from hitting something hard and being damaged during the move.

Pack Boxes To The Top

Don't make the mistake of packing your moving boxes with empty space near the top of them. You will be placing these moving boxes on top of each other in the moving truck, and empty space can cause the boxes to collapse. Padding out boxes with towels or blankets are a great way to fill the space with items that have to be moved.

Tie Boxes Off To The Side

You will want to stop those moving boxes from sliding around in the truck, and the best way to do that is to use rope or straps to tie the boxes together and secure them to the side of the moving truck. There should be a bar that runs from front to back that allows you to secure small items for this very purpose.

Seem like too big of a hassle? Hire professional movers to handle it all for you. Companies like Tru -Pak Moving Systems can help.

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