Rainy Day Moving Tips: Simplifying The Process

There are few things people dread when moving quite like rainy days. Moving in the rain can be a complete disaster if you are not fully prepared. Knowing how to handle it and ways that you can work around the weather will help you to make your move a success. No matter how much rain the forecast is calling for, talk with your moving company and keep these tips in mind to get through the day with complete ease.

Be Choosy About When You Move Things

If it is raining in the morning, make a point to move the things that are packed in plastic containers or otherwise protected from the weather first. Move your least valuable items during the rain as well.

This is an important thing to consider because the rain could ease up or stop completely before you get to the most valuable things. It also allows you the time to move your valuable items during breaks in the weather, so leave things accessible while you move so you can take advantage of those periods when the rain eases up.

If you do have to move your valuable items during the rain, protect them as best you can. Cover them in blankets or shield them with something that will keep the rain from coming in contact with them.

Minimize The Risk Of Slip And Fall Injuries

Moving during the rain leads to wet floors, which can be slippery. If you want to reduce the risk of anyone slipping on wet floors, you will need to plan ahead. Place mats down on the floors in your doorways and throughout the high-traffic areas.

These mats will serve two purposes. First, they will act as a barrier to keep people from slipping on the wet floors. In addition, they will also help to dry the bottoms of shoes and reduce the mud that gets tracked through the house. This is particularly important because it minimizes the cleaning you will have to do both after moving out of the old place and after moving everything into the new one.

Use Your Helpers To Your Advantage

When you are dealing with rainy weather, you want to make the most of those you have there to help you. One of the things you can do to minimize the effect of the rain on your move is to form an assembly line with those who are helping you. That way, you aren't tracking wet prints through the house.

Move boxes and items along the assembly line from the house to the truck, and then do the same when moving them from the truck into your new house. Much like the idea used by the old fire brigades, this can actually speed things up while minimizing the struggles you'll deal with from the weather.

Stock Up On Towels And Plastic Bags

Keep some old towels handy throughout the move for drying things off as you put them both in the truck and in your new home. This is more important than you might think because water damage to certain items can be highly problematic. For example, if you are moving pressboard furnishings, moisture damage can actually cause the surface to peel, leaving the pressboard beneath exposed to moisture, which can cause it to crumble.

In addition to the towels, consider stocking up on garbage bags. You can use these to cover all sorts of things when you move them out of the house. Even simple things, like clothing on hangers, can be covered with plastic garbage bags to protect them from the rain. You can also put them over the tops of smaller boxes to keep the rain from damaging the cardboard.

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